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ncreasing marketization China has achieved in reforming its exchange rate regime since 1994. The global financial market has experienced enormous fluctuations due to the rising trade tensions triggered by

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Washington's moves to impose tariffs on China. The exchange rate of the RMB, on the basis of market demand, has been fluctuating in a wider range, showing increased flexibility. That's exactly what the United States has been pr

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essing for, but Washington seems to have forgotten about its constant requests, instead making incredible accusations against China and labeling the lat


ter a currency manipulator. The situation is absurd!In the meantime, for more than a year, President Donald Trump has been exerting pressure on the Federal Reserve for inte

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OCT 24, 2024
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rest rate cuts. The Fed eventually gave in and lowered interest rates for the first time in over a decade on Wednesday last week, despite the

OCT 19, 2024
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fact that it was widely believed that now was not the right time to cut rates. In a rare move, four former Fed chiefs, namely, Paul V〓olcker, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernank


e and Janet Yellen, jointly published a paper, saying that "

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